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Our history

The Making of Trading Signals

In 2007, an independent research company was founded to work with professional clients and meet their increasing demand for trading signals. Delivering trade ideas based on technical analysis to Fund managers, hedge funds, and central banks was the core activity.

In 2012, the firm started offering services in the sphere of investment management, which inspired the creation of PIA-First (Trading Centre) to proceed with the advanced analytical research. A 2013 management buy-out enabled further expansion of the company and its remarkable rise in the individualism of online investment practices within the trading platform environment.

In the course of time, Signal Centre became a well-known, highly recognized, and award-winning provider of technical analysis based trade ideas around the world. 2015 proved to be a remarkable turning point when a multi-lingual CMS system was implemented to expand our global outreach.

Transparency with FCA Regulation

In 2018, our company was officially recognized and directly authorized by FCA, and since then runs under FCA regulation to provide top-class and highly transparent services. Joe Neighbour, one of the major experts on portfolio management, has joined our team of professionals.

Upon full rebranding, the Trading Centre brand came into being with senior management team on board and with the perspective of becoming the leader in providing trade ideas and trade analytics on the global scale.

Our mission

Quality analytics and research, well-timed and precise reports, along with most advanced online trading technologies, create the stand of the leadership, the confidence of expertise, and the inspiration of discovery both for us and for our clients around the world.