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Not sure which path to take to reach unrivaled market experience in the fastest way? Discover index trading with InvestGlo, and bolt towards your goals with the speed of light. Trade CFDs on major world indices, such as NASDAQ, DOW, and FTSE 100, packed with stocks of world-famous companies, to achieve greater investment balance and risk management.

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Choose among CFDs on the most popular indices from DOW30, DAX30 to NASDAQ100.

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Trading features to keep up with the market

High effectiveness

Indices are cherished for their ability to depict economic outlook for certain fields or even countries. Follow just a few and see what’s trending on the market.

Center of spotlight

Due to their compound nature, most indices are seen as major economic indicators and frequently reported on by reputable news outlets.

Meaningful balance

Indices can boost your risk resistance, as they gather from 30 to 1000 stocks of publicly traded companies, creating a more stable asset compared to a single stock.

Data safety

InvestGlo ensures superb data safety and never lets you lose any performance points. Enjoy a secure trading experience without sacrificing speed.

Low spreads, zero commissions

We remove all obstacles so you can dash right to your trading goals. Enjoy low spreads and 0% commissions to pour all the power into actual trading.

Round-the-clock support

Address any inquiries on-the-go without interrupting your trading flow. Our dedicated support team is live and ready to help from Monday to Friday 07:00 – 17:00 GMT.

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How to trade indices CFDs?

Indices are compounded by stock sets of influential companies, which can make them inaccessible for most traders. CFD trading on indices gives the agency back to the traders, as they can participate in this economic niche without amassing huge initial capital or going through multiple complex procedures. With InvestGlo, you can tap into index trading from any part of the world, perform market analysis on-the-go, and open or close bids non-stop during the market hours.
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Build velocity with index trading at InvestGlo

Sector or geographical index, 30-share index, or a 1000-share one, pre-market trading, or market hours activity – you are the one who decides the route your trading strategy will take. InvestGlo will be your reliable co-pilot, offering the latest market insights, dynamic analytic charts, wide index selection, and top-class trading tools. With pips as low as 0.03 and leverage up to 1:25, index trading can become a great way to accelerate your trading while actively managing risks associated with it.
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InvestGlo indices list

Symbol Description Trading Hours (GMT +3) Spread Leverage (UP TO)  
CAC CAC 40 Index Future (Euronext) 09:00-23:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
DAX DAX 30 Index Future (Eurex) 09:05-23:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
DOW MINI-SIZE DOW Index Future (CME) 01:00-23:15 & 23:30-00:15 floating 1:50 BuySell
FTSE FTSE 100 Index Future (ICE-EU) 10:00-23:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
NK Nikkei 225 Index Future (CME) 01:00-24:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
NSDQ Nasdaq100 Index Future (CME) 01:00-23:15 & 23:30-00:15 floating 1:50 BuySell
SP E-MINI S&P500 Index Future (CME) 01:00-23:15 & 23:30-00:15 floating 1:50 BuySell
ASX ASX SPI 200 Index Future (ASX) 01:50-08:30 & 09:10-23:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
DJEXX DJ Euro Stoxx Index Future (Eurex) 09:00-23:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
AEX AEX Index Future (Euronext) 10:05-18:40 floating 1:50 BuySell
SMI Swiss 20 Index Future (Eurex) 09:05-23:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
BIST100 Borsa Istanbul 100 Index (BIST) 10:00-18:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
JSE FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index Future (JSE) 09:35-18:30 floating 1:50 BuySell
HHI China H-Shares Index Futures (Hong Kong Stock Exchange)(HKE) 04:15-07:00 & 08:00-11:30 & 12:00-18:30 floating 1:50 BuySell
HSI Hang Seng Index Future (Hong Kong Stock Exchange)(HKE) 04:15-07:00 & 08:00-11:30 & 12:00-18:30 floating 1:50 BuySell
IBEX IBEX Index 35 ( Bolsa de Madrid ) 10:05-21:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
MIB FTSE / MIB Index Future(Borse Italiana) 10:05-18:40 floating 1:50 BuySell
NZ50 NZX 50 INDEX GROSS 00:00-05:45 & 23:00-24:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
OMXS30 OMXS30 Index (NASDAQ OMX Nordic) 10:05-18:30 floating 1:50 BuySell
VIX Volatility SP500 Index Future (CBOE) 15:30-22:15 floating 1:50 BuySell
$IND US$ Future Index (ICE-US) 03:00-24:00 floating 1:50 BuySell

Economics and politics merge into a tantalizing market

As many indices represent a particular country, a trader needs to be well-versed in the intricacies of trade wars and affairs of the state to make spot-on decisions. For instance, investing in CFDs on S&P500 will require a profound knowledge of the current situation in the US, while FTSE100 calls for similar expertise in British internal affairs.

Employ your knowledge of politics and economics to make predictions on countries’ growth and place the right bids on indices. Become a part of the global economic race in a few simple clicks.
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