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Keep up with the market speed and never lose your trading pace. Download the InvestGlo mobile app and dive into the non-stop trading thrill. CFDs on 350+ assets, full account synchronization, one-tap trading options, and free access to the substantial educational hub – all from your mobile device.

Power up your weekdays with the excitement of 24/7 access to the global market. Get instant customized notifications on the chosen assets’ price change and speculate on it.  High execution speed, full access anytime, anywhere. Get the most out of the market. Fast.

Free download. Quick installation. Full functionality.

Mobile App Main Features

One-tap trading option

Open and close your positions with just one tap on your mobile device. Available right from the live charts – for the utmost trading speed.

9 different timeframes

Never lose your time. We operate in 9 different timeframes so that you can have full control over the widest variety of your bids. M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN are available.

60+ analysis tools

Analyze the market to make your most informed bids. Get the quickest access to customizable bars, Japanese candlesticks broken line as charts, Fibonacci retracement, and many more. It’s free.

Instant market notifications

Choose your top assets and customize the price notifications. Get instant updates right to your phone and never miss a lucky chance to make your perfect bid.

MT4 trading platform access

Choose your most comfortable trading environment with InvestGlo. Got used to MT4 trading? We cover it, too! Join today, and explore your options.

Quick features overview

  • High-frequency trading

  • Real-time balance level

  • Automatic Stop Loss/Take Profit functions

  • In-platform price alerts

  • 1-click account switching

  • Convenient sweep & trade user experience

  • Live chat and multilingual support

  • Free educational hub

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