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Trading on precious metals is highly popular within the traders’ community around the world. Metals are quite indispensable for every possible sphere of human activity. Individual refined and industrial metals, as well as the mined and recycled ones, are always in demand globally as the pillars of economic development and manufacturing. InvestGlo offers supersonic access to metal trading via CFDs with lightning-fast and comprehensive market analytics, making trading on metals a thrilling market experience. The energy of metals markets and their financial opportunities are at your fingertips with InvestGlo.

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Diversify your portfolio with CFDs on gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals.

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Metal trading spotlights


The metals market is less volatile than Forex or stocks and is considered to be appealing in terms of long-term investment.


It’s the trader who chooses not only the particular metals to trade on but also whether to go long or short with the CFDs on metals.


Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum are historically famous for their value and have always been considered a desired asset as a counterpart to fiat money.

Low spreads, no commission

InvestGlo low spreads and zero commission ensure the flexibility and speed of your metals market performance and create a trading environment that ensures your lightning-fast trading mobility.

Professional support

InvestGlo team of professionals provides immediate support with any issues considering your trading functionality. Starting with the onboarding process, our team is out there for you on every turn of your trading highway.

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How does metal trading work?

Metal trading is a market highway to portfolio diversification. At this point, one does not need to actually own physical bars of gold or buy pieces of silver – now, you can trade metals via CFD trading. With InvestGlo you have immediate access to CFDs on precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum, or industrial metals such as iron or copper, and you could start trading metals outright, going long or short exploiting price fluctuations on the market. It is now that metal trading with InvestGlo is speedy and functional as it could ever be.
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Why trade metals with InvestGlo?

Trading metals requires profound market analytics, reliability and top-class performance of the trading platform, and lightning-fast access to the trading environment. These are the features that ensure high-level performance on the metals market, and these are exactly the services and benefits you get with the InvestGlo trading engine.
Lightning-fast access to the market
Exquisite service
Trading responsiveness
Top-class digital maintenance
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Metals CFDs available for trading with InvestGlo

Symbol Description Trading Hours (GMT +3) Spread Leverage (Up to)  
XAUUSD Gold vs. US Dollar 01:00-24:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
XAGUSD Silver vs. US Dollar 01:00-24:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
PALLAD Palladium 01:00-24:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
PLAT Platinum 01:00-24:00 floating 1:50 BuySell
COPP Copper 01:00-24:00 floating 1:50 BuySell

The established market of durability

Precious metals and base metals are of extreme importance in industries, manufacturing, healthcare, technologies, and many other vitally essential spheres. This makes the metals market one of the pillars that the global economy leans on. It has an outstanding historical tradition (as all commodities markets do) and a well-grounded reputation for durability, vibrance, and indispensability. Getting supersonic access to trading metals means to be in the live stream of global trading activity while trading CFDs on gold, platinum, copper, lithium, and a significant number of other metals to diversify your portfolio and be one step ahead on the markets.
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