MT4 Platform for Ultimate Trading Comfort

MetaTrader4 is classics in the world of trading, attracting loads of traders who prefer the comfort of the well-known platform. Join InvestGlo for instant access to the market and enjoy detailed price dynamics, open and close positions in one click, set up your personal stop loss, and take profit limits.

Quick download, easy navigation, customizable charts, and professional analytical tools.

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MT4 key features

High execution speed

Perform any trading operation within seconds. Open trades, set up lower and upper limits, customize the chart. All in one click.

Different trade execution modes

Customize your trading with instant execution, 2 markets, 4 pending and 2 stop orders, and a trailing stop function.

Analytical toolkit

Get full access to customizable bars, Japanese candlesticks broken line as charts, Fibonacci retracement, and many more. It’s free.

History of orders

Instant access to all your trades and bids. Monitor your activity, analyze the most beneficial cases, keep full track of your personal trading success.

Quick features overview

  • Multiple chart windows to compare various assets

  • Real-time balance level

  • Automatic Stop Loss/Take Profit functions

  • In-platform price alerts

  • 1-click account switching

  • Inherent platform support

  • Live chat and dedicated support

  • Free educational hub

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